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How Nutritionists Can Earn Passive Income And Increase Client Success At The Same Time


You love your job - helping others, researching the latest diet science, receiving heart warming testimonials. You get paid to help people and do what you love, how good is it?!

But it could be better right?

There is one big downside to your line of work - you get paid by the hour. There's only so many hours in the week, effectively capping your...

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Why Online Coaches Must Use Systems In Their Business (And 6 Amazing Examples)

If you are looking to grow your online coaching business, or perhaps you want to simplify your work freeing up more time then you need to utilise systems.

Systems are the single most effective way to scale your business while reducing your work load and stress load.

Having the right tools and procedures in place can be the difference between...

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Case Study: How Alex Fergus Utilises Hey Coach To Scale His Online Health Program

Today we interview Hey Coach Founder and Online Health Coach Alex Fergus about how he successfully uses Hey Coach in his online 'Hormone Reset Program'.


Hey Coach - Helping Online Coaches Scale Their Business

Q. How has Hey Coach benefited your business?

Tremendously! It has allowed me to scale my business, working with more clients and...

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Photo Logging - The Best Way To Track A Clients Diet

As a coach, it can be tricky tracking a clients diet.

You understand the importance of seeing what they are eating, but getting accurate data can be problematic.

Worst, often the data you do get - through meal logs, or calories counted - is inaccurate.

And to top it off, our clients generally don't have the same desire to track every morsel of...

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Why Every Online Coach Must Use Knowledge Base Software

If you have been coaching or training clients for a while, you would have been asked the same question more than once. Chances are you have been asked the same question more than twice, even more than ten times?

It can get become a bit of a chore, your quality of answers decrease over time, and worse, you may even start to resent your clients...

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Hey Coach App Roadmap

We have a lot of great updates in the pipeline.

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear of new updates and feature releases.

Below we have listed our Hey Coach Roadmap. If there is something that you would like to see but is not on our list, please submit a feature request by clicking HERE.

Hey Coach Roadmap


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Hey Coach App FAQ

Have a question about Hey Coach? Check out the questions and answers below.

If you can't find the answer to your question, be sure to send it through to us through the form included at the bottom of this article.


Common Questions About Hey Coach

Who is Hey Coach For?

Hey Coach is a tool/app designed by online coaches for online coaches....

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How To Start Using the Hey Coach App - A Step By Step Guide For New Users

So you've been invited to use the Hey Coach App from your coach or trainer?!


Now let's get you up and running.

There are two parts to the setup - Registering an account and Accessing the App.

Follow the instructions below to get you up and running:


Part 1: Register & Apply for a Hey Coach Account

1. Open up your iPhone app...

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Hey Coach App - News & Updates


Here we will be announcing the latest news, updates and software updates.

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12th April 2018 - Exclusive Founders Offer!

If you're looking to take advantage of the power that Hey Coach brings to your business, now is the time.

We have just announced...

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