Web Statistics How Nutritionists Can Earn Passive Income And Increase Client Success At The Same Time

How Nutritionists Can Earn Passive Income And Increase Client Success At The Same Time

Uncategorized Aug 14, 2018

You love your job - helping others, researching the latest diet science, receiving heart warming testimonials. You get paid to help people and do what you love, how good is it?!

But it could be better right?

There is one big downside to your line of work - you get paid by the hour. There's only so many hours in the week, effectively capping your income.

Worse, if you become sick or want to take some time off for a holiday, it means your income ceases. No work = No pay.

Not to mention the fact that you can only work with a limited number of clients, and there are problems such as lost clients as they move out of the area, or having to turn down clients as your 'peak hours' are all booked up.

Imagine If...

Now imagine if you could continue doing what you love, helping others, learning about diet and nutrition, and having the freedom of being your own boss. But still had the ability to bring in cash whilst on holiday or whilst off work sick.

Imagine if news that a client was moving away from the area didn't have to mean a lost cash flow stream.

Imagine if you could take on more clients, whilst still doing the same amount of work - maybe even less.

Imagine being able to focus in your value add - less time doing the things you dislike that don't really make a difference to your clients success rate.

Speaking of success - imagine if you could achieve all of this whilst at the same time boosting your clients success rate.

Imagine how could that lifestyle would be for a minute...


This Is All Possible!

Alex was in a similar situation to you. Alex was a Personal Trainer, charging by the hour. 

Alex loved what he did, but hated being a slave to the clock. 

Enter Hey Coach.

With the Hey Coach app Alex was able to create passive income - earning money whilst he slept.

Even better, he was able to grow my business beyond the limitations of hours in a week. All while my client success rate drastically increased.

You can hear more about his story in THIS article. 

Hey Coach can do the same thing for you as it did for Alex. Let's learn a little more about Hey Coach and how it can solve the problems you face as a nutritionist.

Hey Coach - Changing Businesses And Helping Clients

Hey Coach is a platform built for nutritionists. It allows nutritionists to easily monitor, rate and provide feedback on their clients diets and lifestyle.

The client simple downloads the app to their phone and snaps photos of their meals whilst ticking off tasks that you can set out for them (an example could be a '30 minute walk' or a 'yoga session).

This data then is viewable from the Hey Coach dashboard, where you as their coach or nutritionist can quickly see what your client is doing and provide support and feedback where necessary.

Even better, when it comes to your 1 on 1 appointment with your client, you can quickly pull up all the clients data so you have a complete picture of what your client has been doing, has been eating and the feedback you have given them in the past few weeks.


How Hey Coach Enables The Life Of Your Dreams

Now you know the power of Hey Coach ( you can learn more about the features and how it all works HERE) your mind is no doubt running through the endless possibilities this could mean for your business.

We've outlined a few of the best ones below:

  • Passive Income

This is no doubt the most enticing feature of Hey Coach. You charge your hourly consultation rate as per normal, but now you can charge a weekly retainer fee. A fixed some that all your clients will pay whether they see (or speak ) you or not.

What do they get for this weekly fee? They get you - their coach - monitoring and scoring all their diet and habits. It's a win win - you as their coach/nutritionist bring in more cash AND get to see what your client is doing outside of the clinic (or after the skype call for you online coaches), and the client gets extra care - feedback on their diet whilst being held accountable by their coach!

Note - if a compulsory retainer fee isn't appealing to you and your pricing plans, you could always use the diet/lifestyle tracking feature as an upsell for your clients. A 'premium package' if you will.

  • Work With More Clients

With Hey Coach, you can retain clients when they leave your area. You can work with clients located across the world - doing consultations over the phone whilst charging them a retainer fee for the diet and lifestyle tracking.

Even better, your clients may not require as many consult/appointments as usual (as they will be getting support from you via the Hey Coach app). Allowing you to take on more clients - in turn receiving more revenue through your weekly fee.

  • Community Support 

One other benefit to having your clients using the Hey Coach app is the community of like minded people you will develop.

Your clients can see each other meals and the feedback you as the coach give them. In turn the clients will be able to learn from others mistakes, whilst also being inspired and having another layer of accountability as they strive to reach their health goals.

You may even find your work load decreases - as clients find answers to common questions through their peers in the group.

  • Boost Client Success Rate

Know longer is your point of contact with your client restricted to a weekly - or even monthly - call. Now you can see what your clients are eating and doing on a daily basis. 

Helping correct any small issues with their diet before they turn into big problems.

Also, the client has an extra layer of accountability - knowing that you, their coach, will be monitoring their diet and lifestyle choices. The client is going to stick with your diet plan and reach their goals much faster.

Get Started Now With Hey Coach

In todays world, with the power of technology, there is no reason why you should be limited by your earnings.

Think beyond traditional business models. Look at ways to generate passive income that can also help your business and your clients success.

Hey Coach is the perfect tool to allow you to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams.

CLICK HERE to learn more about it.

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