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The Story Behind Hey Coach

Hey Coach is a solution to a problem coaches across the world face.

It's a central platform that allows coaches, nutritionists, trainers and carers to monitor their clients meals, build a community within their clients, and track their habits. In turn, helping them reach their health and wellness goals.

Hey Coach was developed by Alex Fergus. Alex has worked with clients from all corners of the world, and as his client base grew, he found it difficult to monitor and manage all these clients.

He wanted to know the core fundamentals when it came to monitoring his clients:

  • Knowing what they ate
  • Knowing what health/wellness things they were doing (and weren't doing)
  • And their sleep and step data

Plus, he wanted to have a central hub we he could:

  • Message his clients
  • Share news, updates and interesting information to all this clients
  • Foster interaction, communication and interaction between clients

And being an experienced coach, he knew the importance of feedback, he wanted something where he could:

  • Give praise and constructive crictism - helping his clients reach his goals
  • Quickly & easily give feedback on his clients meals
  • Pull up all his clients information, meals, activities, and habits - having this all displayed in one central screen for when he did his client reporting and consultations.

Finally, the tool needed to be:

  • User friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Fast

As he knew the most feature packed tool would fail if his clients didn't use it.

Knowing what he wanted, he searched high and low for this ultimate coaching platform...

But unfortunatley after 9 months of trialling tools, downloading apps, and speaking with companies from all across the world, he found this ultimate solution didn't exist.

Enter Hey Coach

As a result, Alex decided to build his own solution - Alex designed and launched Hey Coach.

A tool that has helped him grow and scale his business, has helped his clients get feedback and in-turn the results they desire, and of course is now assisting coaches and their clients do the same.


For more on the power behind Hey Coach, be sure to read THIS page.

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