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Hey Coach - The Ultimate Platform For Online Coaches

Do you work with clients online?! What you are about to watch is going to revolutionise your business!


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What Is Hey Coach?

The Hey Coach Experience For Clients

Have your clients download the Hey Coach app direct to their phone, they can then easily log their meals and habits in one central place

Clients Easily Log Meals

A picture tells a thousand words right?!

No more counting calories or guessing portions, clients simply snap a photo of their meal with the Hey Coach app

Coaches Give Feedback

As their coach, you can score their meal using the 5 star system (you define the score weighting) and leave comments on their meal.

Helping them stay on track and addressing any minor issues before they become major issues

Habit Tracking Built In

More than a meal tracking app, Hey Coach is also a Habit Tracking tool.

Coaches can customise the 'Have Done' tasks for each client. Clients simply tick off when they have done certain activities. Helping them stay focused and holding the accountable.

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The Hey Coach Experience For Coaches

Coaches can interact with clients in the app, but the real power lays in the web dash back end.

Track 100's of Clients In One Central Dashboard

With the option to create multiple groups (a group for different goals perhaps) as a coach you can easily score, comment and like your clients meals.

You may have different scoring systems for different groups, and different habit tasks for different clients. All of this is possible with Hey Coach

Plus, your clients can interact with other members in the group. This helps grow community and helps you with group coaching.

Track, Monitor & Applaud

Keep your clients focused and on track for success. A successful client equals a successful coach.

Interact with clients, giving them pointers and feedback on their meals and activities.

Score them using a points system that you can create. A 5 star meal for your ketosis group may be different to a 5 star meal for bodybuilding group.

Plus clients in the group will learn from other clients mistakes. Community learning at it's finest

Simplify Client Reports & Consults

Keeping tabs of your clients is super simple with Hey Coach. With the reporting tool you can easily pull up all your clients meals, notes and habit tracking details in one central screen.

Perfect for when you have your regular client call. Simply pull up their profile on your computer screen and you have all their information in front of you.

With service like this, your client will think they're your only client! 

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